LiveReach Media Website Redesign
Digitization and analytics software for large venues, airports and corporate spaces.
My Goals
Increase brand reputation and awareness
Ensure a seamless responsive experience

Increase conversion by adding strategic CTA's

When I was brought onto this project, the brand was an aspect of the company that needed help defining. I cultivated a fresh, consistent, energetic, and engaging experience for investors and customers visiting the new website. I also designed beautiful digital signage that was displayed in airports and transportation hubs around the nation.
The Home Page Structure
Mobile first mentality. 
To reinforce and enrich the brand experience.
The Internal Page Structure
Pushing demo conversion while staying beautiful and informative. 
To grab attention and tell users what sets this product apart.
Lightweight, bold, yet delicate iconography I created for the internal pages
User Flow - Download Solution Sheet
Gathering information from potential customers before the download starts. 
This website redesign was a creative freelance solo mission, all done by myself.
Digital Signage
Beautifully communicate with customers at any scale.
Digital User Guide
To help guide customers when setting up hardware and software.
Custom illustration for user guide
Digital Brochure
To inform investors and clients.

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